I came from a very sportive family. When I was little, my parents encouraged me to do sports and eat healthy on daily basis. Since 8 years old, I started with athletics and focused on sprints, long jump and hurdles. I changed my focus to fitness and gymnastic when I was 16. A coach discovered my talents and my career in professional bodyfitness started two years later.

In 2003, I won the European Championship in bodyfitness and the second in the World Championship. Then I was voted the Best Sport Woman Personality of Power Sports in Slovakia.

In the same period of time, I was studying in University, specialized in sport education. The 5-year study program helped me enormously understand human body in all aspects, sports overall, physiology, sport psychology and anatomy. I successfully received my Master’s Degree in Physical Education.

Following my passion in fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, I became a personal trainer after my university. It has been 6 years till now. I help women understand their body, set realistic goals, and achieve them with enjoyment along. I also train kids the right techniques of athletics, swimming and gymnastics.

I understand how we women feel about our looks and the goals we want to achieve.
Anna European Championship
Anna Open Back Wedding Photo

In March 2014, I was happily married with Adriaan Wintermans in South Africa. Like every bride-to-be, the expectation on the perfect dress, the perfect figure, and the perfect wedding was going on for months. It was an interesting experience for me to understand the specific needs to nutrition, the right exercise, the right expectations during the very important period.

Therefore I designed a specific training program for every bride-to-be, including custom-designed nutrition plan and fitness training, to help you achieve the best result on your wedding day.

Nutrition & Fitness Always Go Side-by-Side.

A diet control is not enough to lose weight and maintain the perfect figure.