Congratulations for becoming a new-mom!

It is exciting and great responsibility to take care of a new-born. I’m sure you want to offer all your best. It’s important to start with taking good care of yourself.

The first 6 months is the most critical period for postnatal recovery. Whether you are breast-feeding or not, your nutrition plan should be adjusted not only for yourself, but also for the little one.

A good exercise plan at the right pace for you works with the nutrition plan hand in hand.

You will not only get your body back in shape, but also get yourself ready for the new stage of life, with a healthy and happy lifestyle for the whole family.

Postnatal Recovery Featured Photo

Postnatal Recovery 10+1 Package Deal

A personalized 2-week nutrition plan focusing on you and your baby's needs

Regular fitness 10 sessions, twice per week

Effective exercise plan to practise at home


1 additional fitness session for free

Extra fitness hour costs €60/hr