Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Everything going on with the preparation is so exciting, the dress, the location, the flowers etc…

Have you thought about losing (or gaining) a few kilos to have a better fitting of the dress, to look more radiant and toned on your wedding day?

Don’t be afraid to admit it because all brides-to-be have the thought.

Overall we women are over-critical towards our body. There is always something specific which we don’t like, the arm, the thigh, the shoulder, or the tummy. You name it.

I know how it feels, because I went through the same experience and feeling as well.

I understand how important it is being healthy & fit on the wedding day, to show the perfect dress, to look perfect on photos as for the forever memories.

The Pre-Wedding Weight Control program is specially designed to fulfill your needs and help achieve your goals.

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If you think to lose weight is to eat less, think again!

It is important to maintain the right nutrition intake enough for your daily activities. I’m sure you’ve heard many horrible stories about women who went on the wrong diet and suffered from it.

Because every body has her own preference and performance, you need a professional to personalize your very own nutrition plan as guidance.

During our intake session, we’ll examine your eating habits and discuss your goals. Then I’ll design a two-week nutrition plan based on the information and schedule it towards your wedding day.

Throughout our training period, I’ll collect feedback and adjust it from time to time.

Book an appointment now and receive a bridal bonus.

A Special Boost Nutrition Plan for 1-Week before Your Wedding.

Pre-Wedding Weight Control 10+1 Package Deal

A personalized 2-week nutrition plan focusing on your weight and figure

Regular fitness 10 sessions, twice per week

Effective exercise plan to practise at home


A special boost nutrition plan for 1-week before your wedding (free-of-charge)

1 additional fitness session for free

Extra fitness hour costs €60/hr