Love yourself, live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy everyday!

When was the last time you’ve examined your lifestyle, not only what you are eating daily, but also your exercise routine? Living alone offers flexibility to follow our impulse and feeling on daily basis. We are all aware of the benefits of healthy eating and regular sports. However everyone has her own busy schedule and it is hard to keep the consistency. I understand your concern and difficulty.

A healthy lifestyle is meant for you to enjoy on daily basis. My expertise in nutrition and fitness will offer you a personalized plan, which is tailored to your specific needs and easy to follow on daily basis.

Private wellness training featured image

Private Wellness Training 10+1 Package Deal

A personalized 2-week nutrition plan focusing on your daily needs

Regular fitness 10 sessions, once per week

Effective exercise plan to practise at home


1 additional fitness session for free

Extra fitness hour costs €60/hr

Private training “Fitness Only” is also available. Contact Anna for more information.

Any better gift than a trial start of beauty inside out?

An ideal gift package to pamper your beloved ones.